About Sanjib Writes

“Sanjib Writes” is thus born to let you and me of like minds to come together and share our creativities. It is created for those who create for their own passion side by side with their  professions and like to share their works amongst like minds.

Who knows, one day some of us will not come down from this virtual world to personally greet and say, “Hello Sanjib Writes”!

Come, enjoy and share! Cheers.

Welcome to my blog.


32 comments on “About Sanjib Writes

  1. Jai Jagannath !

    Today 3rd July 2011, on the holy Ratha Yatra Day, Sanjib Writes is hereby open at Puri with the blessings of the Lord Kanchi Ganesh.

    • Sajib, Lakhudear ta porlam. Tu je ato bhalo thriller likhte paris jantam na. Really lekha ta khub bhalo hoeche. Mithu

  2. I am really happy to see that your creativity & ample other fine qualities can now be shared by one and all. Let the wheels of the chariot roll till eternity.
    Jai Jagannath !!



  4. Really YOU are GEM of a person. I feel proud to call you as my FRIEND.

  5. Excellent work. Keep it up !

  6. Baah …..

    Sanjib dekheche
    Sanjib vebeche
    Eibaar ………” Sanjib likheche ”

    Sundor …..

    Aaro daykho Sanjib aaro aanko Sanjib aaro lekho….

    Sudhu ……… mone rekho

    Tarun Tapan Mitra

  7. Splendid, keep it up. You will go far………D K Gupta

  8. During last weekend, despite Internet stoppages, I had a chance to visit your
    website and look at some of the material. I must say that there is much good
    work in your portfolio and congratulate you for your dedication to what you love to do.

    I also think that there is much material in your vault that could be presented to a wider audience through magazines and newspapers. It is especially so because you have good grasp of all the tools: writing, sketching, photography, audio and video and above all an interest in history and places.

    ng. Kabul, Afganistan

  9. wonderful ! i am a techno duck ( know nothing ) . it looks like a maze – amazing ! give me some time to get over the hang-over .

    shall stay in touch .


  10. Dear Sanjib – I am very happy to be able to get the benefit of all your creative work sitting in front of my computer screen. I sure will visit this site often and look out for updates from time to time. Thank you for sharing your creating talent with all of us. – Kindest regards – PKModi, Singapore

  11. You can not make the Omelets without breaking the eggs. Break the eggs and go on making the delicious Omelets. Carry on Sir




  13. Wao!!!! . . . Great pieces of art in the Top Banner . . very impressive all through . . . I can only say in the language of Tenyda, ” . . . De La Grandi Mephistophillis, Yak Yak Chamari Gai . . ” Som Majumdar Sydney Australia 10 Aug

  14. Tomar Kedarnath yatrar bibaraner jonnyo apeksha korchi photo soho.

  15. ARINDAM ROY CHOWDHURY recollects his happier Durga Puja days

    Ever year this time comes when MAA DURGA comes to bless us. I must share you some moments of my childhood celebration of DUGA PUJA. Every year I used to go to my dadu’s house in Belgachia, where all my cousin brothers used to come during this time. Some used to come from Sindri, some used to come from Rourkella. Dadu used to give a token money to all his grand children a bundle of new note which he used to bring from RBI. A new Rs 5/- bundle to every children . A New pair of shirt, trouser from new market, and a pair of new shoes. In the morning of SAPTHAMI, jaladhars JILEPI & KOCHURI was a must for breakfast and in the afternoon Sabers mutton chap was a must with Paratha. Asthami was puja pandal hopping with DADU, alukabli, chaat, etc was a must.
    We used to be happy with small things. Time has changed…………

    My children is growing. Their outlook has changed. Demand has changed. This year like all the other years driving to Rajgir, Nalanda… but my elder son demanded to go to HAZARIBAG NATIONAL PARK, as he has seen in the National Geographic Channel. Driving to Rajgir will be an experience, which I will share with all when I come back.. With the overall situation of economy in India, now Rs 5/- bundle has got no value, but the nostalgic moments we had earlier, the simple life with no excess demand keeps us always looking for the old times.

    The artificial crowd with no sympathy, aggressiveness among common people, makes me to leave KOLKATA PUJA, and go to a distant place and spend some beautiful times with my family. ADITYA & ARYA will also go up, they will also go with their family. Shaswati & me will stay in the house or move out of Kolkata all alone. This is the cycle of life .

    Last of all good wishes to you and kakima for the DURGA PUJA. Please don’t forget to have a simple lunch where you used to go in childhood .Have ALU KABLI , capture your moments in your CAMERA (digital), AND UP LOAD IT HERE SO ALL WE CAN SEE.

    Bye Yours

    Babi & Mum

  16. paacher baandil, maangsor chop
    jilipi kochuri sei khaoa gopagop,
    onek khojaar por pete paaro taao
    dadur aador aar paabena kothaao.

  17. I think I was one of the two Sr. Citizens who had requested for a change. Now it is a more readable blog; font also looks smarter.
    Will request Sanjib to sketch his self-portrait & write something about his childhood.

  18. Sanjib da,
    this new theme looks very nice. You are looking very handsome in the photo! Merry Christmas to you and everybody.

  19. Thank you my dear Rintesh,

    It was you who introduced me to this world. Thanks and good wishes. Sanjib Da

  20. ‘Purno Jeeban’ samayer ek asamanya dalil. Sahaj katha sahaje lekha jayna — ekatha aamar noy, bole gachhen Rabindranath nije. Sanjib Chaudhuri’r uchit pencil, pen aar brush niye aaro anek kichhu shrishti kara. Sanjib, Shunchho?

  21. Sanjib I am in Delhi and opened SanjibWrites and showed yr sketches on Kolkata and Video on Leh and Ladak to my elder brother Ashis. He and Boudi appreciated a lot. Fida ho gaya. Please include him in yr list. His mail I.D. is ashisg2003@yahoo.co.in.
    Keep it up. Bye.


  23. Dear Sanjib,
    I have gone through your blog, I appreciate your creativity. It is really peerless. Long live so that we can get more and more…. from you. I am proud to get such Great friend like you.

  24. Sanjib,
    Naran Master Er Asukh khub sundar.

  25. Ratha Yatra 2012 is fast approching and Sanjibwrites will soon complete one year of it’s existance. It is not easy to go on contributing something or the other on a regular basis by one person.
    When Sanjib started the blog he invited everybody to contribute by sending poems, articles, sketches and paintings/photographs.
    Sanjib, I regularly enjoy your blog. Please keep writing. Aamader ananda diye jao. Arun

  26. Ki comments korbo bujhchhi na

  27. Whenever i look through your creativity window see a great treasure , you are not only a superb writer, poet and artist, a great philosopher and has good vision about life. I wish you all the very best and wait for many more.

  28. Sanjib da, I am visiting your blog after quite some time. Its a pleasure to find that you have seriously continued to update it frequently, and that too with passion. Please keep the good work up!

    • Many thanks Rintesh. You and me started it. How can it stop midway?
      Take care and one day we should meet up.

  29. Sanjib da,
    thanks for putting up my writing in your blog.

  30. “Dhoka” agey kothao tumi podieychilay monay podchey na. Valo to botei. Humour ta shesh porjonta rakhtey perecho. Munshiana ache. Carry on…..

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